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My turnkey software development works that I do on bespoke from database architecture, user interface design, and user guide documents. 

CRM Management Software

August Consulting Inc, United States

I developed a full range CRM software on real estate marketing and sales. Property Portfolio management. Real estate deed transactions. Payment plans. Bank loan calculator. It covers modules such as lead generation and various marketing managements.

custom windows application development

Financial Investment Management

The Investment Collective, Australia

I have developed mobile and desktop software for 1000+ employee advisors who improve the financial investment management of senior investors with certain algorithms and make long-term final planning.

custom software development

Accounting Management Software

E-Tax Consulting Ltd, United Kingdom

I have developed software for financial advisors and accounting professionals to manage their clients' accounts and automatically prepare and declare tax returns in accordance with UK law. In addition, I realized the perfect harmony of the Local database with the data import and export operations via Excel files.

custon Accounting Management Software

Agriculture Production Software

DGS, Chile

I developed an end-to-end CRM software for DGS to manage a niche organic dried fruit production in hundreds of hectares of agricultural land in Chile. More than one employee in the company works with simultaneous database operations and reports. They also manage production in the field.

custom crm windows application development

B2B Management Portal

Vodafone, Turkey

An end-to-end B2B software was developed for customer registration process transactions between Vodafone headquarters in Marmara, Istanbul, and Mardin cities to dealers (1400 employees). Azure Cloud services were used for systems with multiple databases and servers.

custom b2b management web desktop application
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